18 de julio de 2008

Respuesta de WotC a CHaPuZaS

Finalmente, ahce una semana, desde WotC Respondieron a nuestras dudas sobre el GP de Legacy, una respuesta algo floja, pero no cabia esperar otra cosa:

Q: Hello WotC:

My name is Cesar and I'm a member of the spanish Eternal community. What I want to know is, Why did you choose to remove the Legacy Grand Prix that was being celebrated once a year? As a player, I was confident that if you said that you were going to improve the format by celebrating Legacy GPs my money was well invested in buying cards for playing that format.
The first year it was celebrated in the USA, and then in Europe, thus we were thinking that you were choosing the most 'Eternal' regions in the world. Then it was celebrated again in the USA, and this year was time to return to Europe. Then, the last question is, What is the official position about Legacy for WotC and are you still promoting the format? –Cesar, Madrid, Spain

A: From Scott Larabee, DCI Program Manager:

Wizards is committed to support of the Legacy format. While we have had a Legacy Grand Prix for the last few years, this year we will not. Each year we will evaluate whether we will run a Legacy-format Grand Prix. We are currently working on our Grand Prix plans for 2009. The formats for the 2009 Grand Prix will be announced later this year.

Otra termporada sera...

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WinterN dijo...

Me lo veo venir. GP de Legacy cada 4 años, como los mundiales de fútbol o las olimpiadas. :(